Tuesday 1/19/2010


Tuesday 1/19/2010

So, we are 19 days into the burpee challenge. Yesterday kinda sucked catching up from the weekend, 53 burpees for me. Seems there are several of us that are hangin, even a couple of folks that are not members of CFCV. I'd really like to order more than 4 t-shirts this go around.

Speaking of challenges, there are several affiliates that are doing or plan to do a Paleo challenge. I would also like to do one starting around the first week of March. To learn how others are handling part of it, Penny and I attended a lecture that Freddy from One World gave down in the bay area over the weekend. One World is doing a Paleo-esq challenge, they're calling theirs the look better naked challenge. I believe that Rachael's cousin Annie is participating in theirs. That would be weird if Annie won theirs and Racheal won ours, what's the chance? Anyway, the lecture was pretty good and gave me some ideas.

I also took a side trip to Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale on Saturday. What a bitchin place and again I got some ideas. I wasn't able to work out while I was there, maybe next time.

Lots of talk around CFCV about the CrossFit Games and the Affiliate Cup. I know some of you are interested and we'll be planning a try out of sorts in the near future. If you're interested make sure it is known!

Also for those of you that are into the games there is an opportunity to volunteer for the Norcal sectionals in San Jose. More info here

And last but not least, Dutch is coming to CFCV on March 1st and 2nd. He will be doing a trainer seminar for East Fork Fire and Carson City Fire. The depts. have first crack and any other folks from other depts. or the public can attend for $350.00 depending on space available. There will be more info as the details are ironed out.

Congrats to our Vince from CrossFit kids for a second place in his wrestling tournament last week.

3 Responses

  1. Rachael

    Awwwhahaha. Why’d you have to call me out like that,….Nicole and I were gonna talk to you about some sort of challenge for CFCV. K, so bring it!! I’m down for this challenge, I’m telling Annie!!

  2. Adrienne

    I need to “Look Better Naked”!!! Sounds like a challenge to me. Sign me up for the Dutch Seminar too. Can’t miss an opportunity like that.

  3. Annie

    Ron, next time you guys are down look me up! I’m only 10 minutes from the Gym. I don’t know about winning the challenge but I am working my butt off!!! Thanks!~ Annie