Trying it Again


Trying it Again

So I spent the last 45 minutes putting together a post then poof it was gone.

Saturday due to personal commitments the workout was limited to one meeting with Seth, Claudia, Shalene and I doing the kettlebell workout Firepower.

Sunday and the first duty day was declared a rest day.

Monday Lisa, Matt H., Sky, Becky and I did a kettlebell and body weight circuit of 9, 15, 21, 15, and 9 reps.

Today was really the exciting day. The big excitement came during the warmup when Shalene did a pair of kipping pullups. Back when she started this journey at UBC Extreme she gave me a funny look when I told the gals they would be doing pullups. In those days she was lucky to do 1 with the wide band and today she got the kippers without bands or any assistance. Congrats and strong work. After the warmup Denny, Shalene and I did the level 2 number.

The April was in for her lunchtime shot at level 1. Then Dan J. was here for his first workout. He made it through the CF warmup and yes Dan our warmup is other people’s workout.

Then Janeen and Jared were in for their level 1 effort. The at 5:00, Caleb, Seth, and Claudia also did the level 2 while newcomer Brad watched. He’ll be back tomorrow for his first workout.



I offer the following link to an article authored by George Rutherford, assistant trainer at SECT CrossFit in Baltic, CT.:

I am also happy to report that CFCV has been added to the list of kettlebell gyms on the new site found at :