Hard to keep up. We have had quite an influx of new folks (that's a great thing) as well as adding classes for existing members whose needs have changed. With every new day comes a new challenge and with a little luck we'll stay ahead. I know there are a few that read this blog regularly and I make entries as often as possible so please bear with the inconsistency.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been honored with noobs. As Kathy mentioned she has joined the regular classes and has done a great job adapting. Cole completed his foundations series today and brought Toni with him who will also be joining regular classes soon. Anna's daughter Sabrina is two deep into her foundations sessions and finding out that maybe we really do "do cardio here". Maybe it just doesn't look the same, see the earlier post link to San Francisco CrossFit. Janae has also begun the fast track in after waiting quite awhile for mother nature to take her course and will be quite the competitor.

But its not all about the noobs. Old timers are working their collective a$$es off as well. Mark has found new competition in Cary and Chad is getting quite froggy his own bad self. We have all been working on the allusive snatch and will continue on the progressions in the near future.

As cool as the oly lifts and their progressions are though we must keep in mind that others have their favs. In some cases those are AAW's such as we have done over the past few days. Today's AOS Santa Monica is a kettlebell ass kicker but seriously fun. And yesterday several of you pushed your comfort zone.

Some pics as proof:


The new standard of "cool" at CFCV, box jumps in shades and weight vest.


See Kara you can jump on that box!


Anna, is that the blue band?


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