Tribute to 343


Tribute to 343

By thetime most of you read this it will be the 7th anniversary of 9/11. This day not only affects me because of my profession but is special as I was at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg Maryland as drama unfolded. All I can say is what a tragedy and witnessing things from this perspective was different than most can imagine. God speed brothers.

In their honor CFCV will do a special workout that I hope reaches all who participate.

Today was an exciting one. Its been awhile since we did the CrossFit Total and boy were some of the improvements shocking. Its amazing how improvements can be made without actually working the exercises specifically. As the members of CFCV attend over the next few days I will be happy to show and explain.

Another not so positive issue arose today. For whatever reason, I did not have anyone signed up for the 1:00 class. As such, I went and ran errands and a few people showed up while I was not there. I don't want to debate the situation other than to say if I don't know you're coming, I may not be there.