Trainers teach a WOD at CVMS


Trainers teach a WOD at CVMS

Nicole and Rachael came to CVMS to show Janae's ninth grade P.E. class what CrossFit was all about.  They did a great job!  The kids were AMAZING, I was soooo impressed!  They said they had a blast and were sore as heck the next day.  I hope to see some of them in our box in the future… Here are some pictures that I took. 9-22 janae
Janae Ballingham is the BEST P.E. teacher EVER!!!  She might be saying "OLE CHUBS!!!" (Tough Mudder reference 2010, I couldn't resist)

9-22 girl jump 
The girls doing some junk yard dog…

9-22 nicole jump 
The junk yard dog warm up demo.

9-22 nicole talk 
Nicole giving instruction.

9-22 janae run 
Janae being a good role model doing the WOD with her students.

9-22 burpee 
Burpeeeeeess…. and Sprint…. and repeat…

9-22 weaver good jump 
The END….

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    I love those girls!! They all did so awesome! Glad they had fun. Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks Janae for letting us come steal your class for the day…. You have some amazing athelets!