Tough Mudder was a blast!!
We are planning on taking all of you with us to conquer the hills, the mud, the comradre, the spray in your face, the mud puddles, the hills, the down hill, the laughs, the goat trails, the FREEEEEEZING COLD WATER, the tears, the dunking under floating things in FROOOZEN water, the slip and slides, the HILLS, the crawls, the sunburn, the scrapes, the friends, the windy puky ebbets pass drive, the free beer, the hurting knees, the logs we carried, the conversations, the 'fire' we crossed, the cheer of 'OLE CHUUUUUB', the smiles, the hills, the tiny tubes we climbed through and lost our mustaches, the starting line, the bonds, the bus climb, the never ending fence/ladder climb, the stinking 'spool' we had to climb over ONE AT A TIME after waiting in line for 45 minutes, the down hill, the up hill ( I know I've said it a ton but there is a FRICKING LOT… sorry), the lovely outfits everyone wore, the laughs, the songs, the anticipation, the FINISH LINE!!!!  We did it!!!!! 
I know I just painted the most amazing picture and you can't wait to come finish the tough mudder challenge with us.  I'm ready for round two.  '
'Ole Chubs' Tough Mudder 2010
Mark, Andrew, Carrie, Janae, Nicole, Rachael, Nicolette, Kara, Marshal (Buffy's husband), and from Marks gym we had Kelly, Lester, Amanda, and Toby. 
Medical Team: Sue (aslo photographer), Buffy, Marks Wife Sarah and baby Logan, Lesters wife, Nicolettes daughter Sierra and Rachaels husband Jessie.  Thanks for coming out and cheering us on. 

Tough mudder death waver 
We made it!!! NO DOUBT…..

Tough mudder second mile 
Two miles into the race….

Tough mudder crazy 
Tough mudder finish 
The finish line.

We are missing Marshall in these pictures because he was getting a TOUGH MUDDER TATTOO!!!  Maybe he'll let us take a picture of his tattoo so we can post a picture, awesome job Marshall…. our fearless leader 🙂

Are you ready for 2011 ?????????

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4 Responses

  1. Rachael

    Oh my gosh Becky-Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy! Did you let me wear that?? Oh my FREAK! Wow. I didn’t know I looked that ridiculous. Wow.

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    AAAAWWWW it was freakin the cutest ever Racheal!!!! I love it! Awesome post Carrie! You said it all….. Hill after hill after hill and after hill. The freeezin ice cold water was the worst and the last down hill. You get out and have to go back in…. WTF…. Who ever made that obsticle needs to be talked too…We need to bring everyone next time. Thanks to Buffy, Jessie,Sara,Logan,Sue, and little Sierra and Aunt Carriefor coming out and cheering us on!!! Thanks Mark for letting us be a part of your team! It was a blast! Get ready crossfitters here we come to conquer Tough Mudders next year!!!!!! WOOT WOOT

  3. Lester FitzHenry

    Lester said…
    Loosing the Mustache had to be the most devastating ‘obstacle’ our Team endured all day!
    Thank you again CFCV.