Tough but rewarding day!


Tough but rewarding day!

Even though Ron is not physically at CFCV, he certainly has been there in spirit! The tough workouts keep coming and the very impressive work being done by all participants is truly amazing. I see now what Ron is always talking about when he feels very proud of all the members and their dedication to “forging elite fitness'” in their own individual way. Today’s workout was “as many rounds as possible” (AMRAP) in 30 minutes of 200 m sprints and 10 deadlifts. For the newbies it was sumo deadlift high pulls with the kettlebells in place of the barbell deadlifts but for all others it was 83 lbs for girls and 135 lbs for the boys, here are the results

Page 12 rounds (one of the newbies, way to go Page)
Ashley 9 rounds (another great addition!)
Barb 9 rounds
Janeen 12 rounds
Tracy 13 1/2 rounds
Brady 15 1/2 rounds (nice work!)
Sarah 12 rounds
Beck 15 1/2 rounds (no wonder people mix you 2 up!!)
Denny 18 rounds (very impressive but not surprising!)
Jared 11 rounds
Nicole 12 rounds
Ryan 19 1/2 rounds (and leader for the day, way to go!)
Mark 17 rounds (excellent job!)
Claudia 12 rounds
Seth 12 1/2 rounds
Caleb 13 rounds
Tim 10 1/2 rounds
Whitey 11 rounds
Jeff 15 1/2 rounds (nice sprinting!!)
Kendall 12 rounds (next time you’ll be doing the barbell deadlifts, good job)
Michelle 11 rounds (another newbie with a great showing!)

Ron, we are keeping them honest and I know Shalene and I are happy to see such hard work and dedication!!

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  1. Shalene

    Great workout today people.
    Some CFCV members think this workout should be a CFCV benchmark. It really was a good one.
    Everyone did an amazing job with this WOD but I would like to point out a few highlights.
    Barb, you rocked it girlfriend. I gave you an out and you didn’t take it. Great job! You really pushed it and you looked good doing it. I think you’re hooked.
    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, sic effort. I really didn’t think any one could beat him. He is coming for you, my friend…
    Seth, 4 dead hang muscle ups in a row. I don’t even know what to say. I am so glad that we were there to witness it. Come on Mark,,I am calling you out.