Totals For Some


Totals For Some

Other bench marks for others

The big move for today was the CrossFit Total, which consists of 1 rep maxes of Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift.

Nicole was first out of the gate with a 276 CFT (total of BS/SP/DL). Pretty good for a gal that started just recently.

Janeen and Jared were the next duo and overall Janeen made remarkable increases but Jared really owned the day with almost 90 lbs increase over his last effort. Seth made marked improvements of 30 lbs and Caleb also made headway. Claudia, after her new found knowledge from the cert. made improvements, more in form than weight but it must be remarked that last time she did the CFT she injured herself and I wondered if she would ever be up to deadlifting again.

Lisa's effort today was her first real Helen. She is still recovering from a leg injury and has issues squatting with weight so Claudia helped her with her first real Helen. She has done Helen previously at GloboGym on a treadmill but this is the first one with actually running.

Then there's Shalene. Although she is busy beating herself up about her lifting efforts what she really needs to be recognized for is leading the crew through their CFT's today. It is not an easy undertaking and she did an admirable job! Thanks for the help.