Took Another Big Bite


Took Another Big Bite

I guess it's common in all business, being faced with expenses that you're not ready for. Most of you probably know nothing about the CrossFit RRG (risk retention group) as I haven't really spoken of it much. Unfortunately the necessity of having this type of insurance coverage has become necessary in today's clime. The bad part is the timing, at least for us. Our insurance is due June 23rd each year and the cutoff for joining the RRG is June 15th. No big deal really except for effectively doubling our insurance cost with not much warning and really not much of a choice. Bottom line is we have committed to another year and paid the piper.

As most of you heard about, we returned from Vegas and the Dutch Lowy seminar. I think you'll experience a difference in the way things are programmed and approached. I plan on going into more detail next week.

Penny and I are riding the Harley to Washington Wednesday morning for a family get together. There will be less classes than normal as Claudia will be filling in and has other commitments. Please hang in there as this will be the last hiatus for awhile.

Our CrossFit family continues to grow with Dana and Susie finishing their foundations sessions with Claudia on Thursday, Brian and Shawn coming for an intro. next week when I get back and Jen's Children Trent and Amanda coming to the Kids class tonight. Welcome!!

Don't know how much posting I'll get done while I'm gone as the Blackberry will be my main method of access. I'll do my best to keep working at it.