Today we were off to an early start-it was a 4 person kettlebell 300 before the sun came up. Then I came to work at the FD. As I declared at the onset of the burpee challenge, we will not withhold burpees from workouts just because of the challenge. So with todays' 15 in the 300 and 16 on the calendar, it was only 31. Works OK for now, we'll see when we get into March……

With the paperwork in for CrossFit Kids and a few parents that seem to have interest, the next hurdle is the schedule. My first inclination is to change the 4:00 class to the kids class but I wanted to get your input on the matter. There are a couple of potential conflicts; youth sports seasons are starting pretty soon, the 4:00 is pretty popular with the adults, would the addition of a 6:15 or so class help? etc. I would like to do a 4:00 kids and parents class concurrently in the future, I'm not sure we have the room during the colder weather though. Equipment might also be a conflict from time to time. There's also that trainer thing, but I think Claudia will be working into more classes in the near future. I prefer not to make decisions like this in a vacuum so let me know your thoughts.

The folks over at San Francisco CrossFit posted another insightful post about scaling. I certainly couldn't say it better so cruise over and read it San Francisco CrossFit Blog There are plenty of other good things there including a couple of pieces on hip flexibility/mobility.

I stand corrected, I guess Chad did make it on top of the tires once. I told him he'll have to prove it.

There are a couple of intro sessions and foundations sessions planned for next week. Seems we are moving in the right direction, exciting times!

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  1. Seth

    I would be interested if the kids and the adult times were the same. I like 4:00 myself, and since she is age 7 I don’t think she would be using the same equipment as the majority of the adults.