Just a quick post to outline a program change at CFCV.

As those that were in the box today learned, Thursdays will now be a recovery day at CFCV. With the games prep training program it is wise to add an additional  rest day into the cycle in addition to Sundays. What this means is that athletes that have attended Mon, Tues and Wed need to take a rest day on Thursday. For those out there that can't fathom not working out on Thursday, you are welcome to come to the box but know that your focus needs to be on maintenance/mobility. What I am proposing is that you review the Mobility Wod link on this blog and look for suggested mobility work on Wednesday night and then use the time, space and equipment to work on those issues. The other option is to work on technique on rowing, airdyne and cycling as is appropriate.

For those of you that have missed Mon, Tues, or Wed you are welcome/encouraged to complete the wod that you missed. If you missed more than one pick one with the help of a coach. Which brings up another part of this program. It is not intended to reduce services available to you, rather provide some flexibility as well as needed recovery as we head into the Games season training. As has always been the practice, there will be a coach(s) available to help on Thursdays as ther is every other day we are open.

Ther is so much more but it has been a long day….