Thursday Oct 8


Thursday Oct 8

Another week of 6 days of workouts, WOOT! Thanks Nicole.

I really should've posted yesterday and the day before to celebrate the awesome job on Fran everyone did. I purposely took advantage of ya'll by not doing Fran after the Challenge for quite a spell. I wanted to see if improvements were still measurable after a hiatus and was pleasantly surprised, saw lots of pr's with some much improved movement.


And how 'bout those pistols? I hope everyone is working on them, even if you don't see them on the board.

Besides being at work for the last 2 days, I picked up a book in my quest to get better at running. It's titled Born to Run and wow! Not only is it entertaining but has some great nuggets. Anyone ever wonder where the Nike Free came from? Those of you with PF and shin splints and other pains want to know why? There might be some answers for you there.

I was hoping to generate some discussion and thought by posting the link to Mr. Pain's article and since Rachael bit, I think she needs to clarify her position/comment.

Back to the book, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Rachael

    “So true” I meant was for the ‘visitors’ we’ve had that walk in here (cvcf) and act like they already know what to do because they work out at a crossfit where they’re from. But in all reality don’t know as much as they thoght….does that clarify anything.
    ps. it’s hecka late and I’m tired. Plus the grumpy guy rambled quite a bit if you ask me. So what! Then take crossfit off, maybe for us true affiliates it’s best…sycho!

  2. Rachael

    We’re all here for similar reasons, to feel fit, strong, meal ideas and (Let’s be honest) to compete against each other. That’s what drives us!!! I LOVE CROSSFIT! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! (as far as fitness) You are the best!

  3. Rachael

    Sorry to keep posting but this just came to me, I think he’s really going to miss the title xfit because of the arrogance and family oriented ‘feel’ it has when you know there’s a xfit in the area where your vacationing and you know you have to go just to check it out.

  4. Rachael

    K, last one. I’m better at the xfit WOD today than I was a year ago though I’m NO where near the athletes that participate in the xfit games, but I wanna be. Isn’t that enough, I’m not willing to give up. I know I’m one of the ‘social’ ones at the gym but I didn’t think that had played any part as to how involved I am in the xfit training, I thought my desire to ‘chat’ was just cause I can NEVER shut my mouth. I like to talk. I guess I could walk in with duct tape on my mouth! Let it be noted that when I DO go visit other xfit gyms I don’t walk in there like I own the place, I AM still learning, plus I don’t want to ever misrepresent CVCF and it’s GREAT training.
    Okay, I gotta get the kids to school now…I’m officially DONE.
    Ps. don’t ask me to clarify anything, I always end up rambling on and on and on…….

  5. kelly

    well said rachael????? Haha Love ya girlfriend keep talking and we will keep listening cause thats what friends are for, see you soon…

  6. Nicole Gesselman

    Who let her out??? Rambling Rac?? Dont act like u wouldnt go to Tracy and show them up!! Shoot! HAHA! I hope I didnt confuse anyone on the power snatches. I tried to remember everything Chief teaches me so if its wrong blame him. Thanks everyone for stickin with me!!!