Thursday June 3rd


Thursday June 3rd

Today was Sue's birthday so she picked out 3 movements to add to the other metcon movements that were scheduled. Obviously I can't divulge her age but she made everyone do 47 of her movements. There was a nicely done message on the floor this morning for Sue:

 Sorry the quality is so bad, I haven't figured out how not to move the camera yet.

Yesterday's Cindy revealed some good movement and some that was not so good. Just remember that at some point you will be held accountable for full range of motion. I don't harp on folks for it during a workout like Cindy but I certainly mention it often. I think you know when you're not doing full squats, pull ups or push ups, and sometimes it accounts for differences in rounds. I'm just sayin….

 The picture of the board with everyone's scores is worse than that above so it's not postable.

Ashley, Amy and Trent finished their on-ramp program tonight. It's amazing how far folks come from day one. Another on-ramp begins next Monday. So far we have 4 or 5 attending and it should be a good one. Carla was in last night to give it a try. I think she might be hooked. The on-ramp schedule has changed slightly, but only the session number. The days and times are still the same. The next class will go into the 2nd week of July due to events at CFCV. Effective with the next on-ramp program attendees must commit to no more than 3 missed sessions. Of course I will work with folks to make them up but not for free anymore. I don't get stuff done at home so there must be some incentive.

The Whole9 nutrition workshops are quickly approaching and the Wednesday class is almost full. Wednesday is scheduled for 5:00 to 8:00 pm and Thursday is 12:00 to 3:00 pm. Several spots remain for Thursday but between the two we are a go for both. Don't slack on this opportunity to see Melissa and Dallas as I don't know when they'll return and they're from the other coast.

Ran across another excellent video. It's long, but worth it check it out here

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE!!!!! Sorry missed the wod today.LOL. HHMM 47 reps makes SUE hhmm. LOVE YAH SUE!! Your awesome