Thursday June 17th


Thursday June 17th

I'm still mulling the challenge details around but think:

  1. We should combine the Whole 30 with an added 6 weeks of challenge that looks like our last challenge. I envision the 2nd half to be integration of sustainable nutrition for the long term.
  2. This would include all the components of the last challenge including Yahoo or other group, pictures and food log requirements.
  3. The "discussion" at the beginning would be for anyone who wants to come but "veterans" would not be required. Of course it would certainly be helpful for the newbies to have folks answer questions by those that have been there.
  4. Unsure about the buy in. Should we? I know it motivates some and am willing to incorporate it but need your input.
  5. We have had several folks offer up convenient dates and could have the "discussion following the friends and family on the 26th and start the next day. I know some of you have started with the Whole 30 already and bravo! Don't know how to fit ya'll into the gig. Suggestions?
  6. If we make the program this length, it should take us to Labor Day. Anyone in for a summer marathon challenge?

Still hangin with the Dutch Lowy program and it's making me tons stronger. I think it is doing the same for you. The USAW coaching cert. was excellent as I mentioned and it has helped make me a better coach. I'm still really hesitant to call myself a coach.

I think the next stop for me is the Endurance cert at South Lake in August. I have been studying Pose Running technique and really need to improve in the running department. We'll see what happens.

I'm hoping Carrie has good luck with her surgeries tomorrow.

The schedule will be a little flaky the last 3 weeks of July. It shouldn't have much effect with Rachael becoming certified and all but Penny and I are jumping on the Harley and heading to see the folks in Washington. We'll adjust the schedule so as to have as little impact as possible with as much notice as practicable. This also means there will most likely not be an on-ramp program for July.

Wanted to post the results from yesterday's Wod:


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  1. kelly

    First off the whole 9 was awesome thank you for giving us some much needed inlightment. As far as a challenge I think people are more likely to stick with it if there is a incentive, which of coures should just be about over all health. instead of a money pot how about something like a free massage or some thing that they can used to inprove their over all healt, that si what this is about. I know lately I’ve been sortsa a flake ok a real flake but it’s that time of year when work gets in the way. you know how it is. I hope to make it to x-fit as much as I can in the following months due to the fact I feel like S^Z&*^ when I don’t. Hope you and Penny have a joyful and safe trip to Washington. Oh please try to join us on June 21st at Topaz for a summer party if only for alittle while we would lkove to have you there. well off to work

  2. Cindy Quarry

    How ever you do the challenge I am in! I am in and out of town starting next Friday but I will stick with it! Can’t wait for it to start!