Thursday July 14th


Thursday July 14th

Today was the start of Tough Mudder training with a hike up Fay-Luther trail. Kara and Troy V. ran, the rest of us walked. I ran a little bit but had to turn around at 8:00 to get back by the 9:00 class. Those of you that are planning on entering the Tough Mudder should start training if you haven't already.

One more day to get on board for this challenge. It's in full swing and some are pretty serious about it, so come on down!

I plan on doing "special days" each week where we go hiking, paddling, biking or something different. Most will be endurance related in an attempt to get better prepared for the Tough Mudder. My next inclination is to paddle at Tahoe on Saturday, early morning. I was going to paddle the Carson River but there's too many unknowns at this point. Notice I said inclination and not planned. Those that know me know planning is kind of a weak point for me so if you wanna go let's talk. I thinking way early and back by 9:00 or so, to enjoy a flat lake with little traffic.

We have a new member in Shawn. He comes from San Jose where he CrossFitted for awhile and is now here to learn to fly helicopters. Sheila will finish her on ramp next Tuesday and then likely joining the 9:00 class.

Jackie was in the house yesterday:

Carrie 156
Carrie 125
Carrie 185
Carrie 149

I tried to post this blog yesterday but our Clearwire internet service sucks so bad it took 2 days to download the pics. Since then in talking with some folks and considering the hike yesterday, we will be having another sup workout/demo thing at Topaz lake on Thursday 7/21 immediately following the 6am class. This means no 9am class unless Rachael isn't coming to the lake and wants to do class instead. More on this in the coming days. If there are enough interested maybe we can get the LPC rep to bring a few demo boards. Let me know your interest.

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  1. Nicole Gesslman

    Nice pics… Looks like so much fun! Hopefully I can make it one of these days to paddle…