Thursday & Friday


Thursday & Friday

The last two days have been great as far as wods go. Thursday was burpees, pull ups and swings and the classes were pretty much full. Of course an exception was made to include the burpees as part of the challenge 43 so only an additional 13 were required. This morning Tracy and Denny came in and since they missed yesterday for more fun stuff, they did yesterday's wod. Denny bested Ryan's time by 4 seconds which was almost half the time it took me. Good job Denny and as usual you too Ryan.

Ryan and his butterfly kips


So we followed yesterday with box jumps and deadlifts today as well as an hour with Ethan's soccer team the Rapids. Didn't get pix of the soccer boys but her's a couple of folks deadlifting and jumping on boxes:



Tomorrow is another day of double wods and CF Kids. Snowshoeing for time?