Thursday December 17th


Thursday December 17th

The week is coming to a close and the Sunday Friends/Family workout as well as the Paleo Christmas Pot Luck are this weekend. The workout is at 10:00 and the Pot Luck at 2:00. Those that are bringing a dish please bring a copy of the recipe to share. We can make copies for those that want them. And if your dish isn't exactly Paleo, that's OK. The challenge is to try to find something Paleo though.

Today was the final day of the second week of the on-ramp program. That would be 7 sessions down with 5 more left. Six of the original 7 folks are still hangin and Kathleen had to bow out of this program but will be back for January's program. I think things are going well, anyone wish to comment? We will be having one in January and there's already a few on the interest list. I will be finalizing and posting the January schedules this weekend.

Another Nicolle joined the family today with her first workout. She is an experienced "coach" and will be a good addition to the membership. It was also good to see Buffy and Gayle after a few days off. And welcome back Jen. 

Here's Jen and Kelly at dark thirty this morning:


If anyone is looking for a good book to read Lights Out Sleep, Sugar and Survival by TS Wiley is a good one. I'm about a third through it and wow! The book is highly recommended by Robb Wolf and ties alot of missing links together. It's amazing what information and misinformation abounds. Give it a read.

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  1. Stacey

    Looking forward to the Paleo Pot Luck, and I hope everyone has fun with it. It shouldn’t be too hard. More like playing/experimenting in the kitchen.
    Since some of us will have a rest day or two coming up, I want to contribute this bit from the Catalyst Athletics site regarding Rest Days:
    “Make sure rest days are active in terms of restorative modalities. Sitting on the couch is not a good choice. Foam rolling, light rowing, stretching, mobility drills, contrast plunges and massage should be employed whenever possible.”
    Of course I especially like the “massage” part 😉 But I’m not sure what contrast plunges are….. Ron???