Thursday October 6th


Thursday October 6th

?Another week almost over but the return of the Rozier's as promised. It's nice to have you back. Also nice to have Anna back from Hawaii where she visited a couple of affiliates during her stay.

Some cool events coming up:

First is the Barbell for Boobs event that is happening across the country at CrossFit affiliates. It is being held at some of our local affiliates and unfortunately I am working at the FD that weekend. I may have entertained having it at CFCV held by our folks.

The next is the all women benbeing held at South Tahoe CrossFit It is Nov. 5th and here is a link.

Lastly is an Oly competition to be held Nov. 19th at CrossFit Initiative in Reno. This event will be just like the one we held here that was so well attended by their members. Hopefully we can field somewhere near as many as they sent to our event. More details as they become available.\

Don't be surprised if the programming reflects preparation for these events. Maybe it's started already? Just sayin.

We've started a couple of more folks through the on-ramp process. Nicole is coaching a couple of her clients through the on ramp and Michelle D. (yep another Michelle) is two deep into her program. We've had a couple of inquiries since the CrossFit Games aired but Michelle D. is the only one who has followed through.

Last month's Pr's was kind of a short list but impressive none the less:


Adrienne W. mentioned a new article by Robb Wolf regarding fish oil and N-3 fatty acids. Here is a link to the article which is a must read. Makes me proud to know that Robb is the sort that constantly reviews his work and isn't afraid to revise it as he learns.

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