Thursday 3/4/09


Thursday 3/4/09

Following yesterday's Barbara it was all about rowing and back extensions-for most anyway. Adrienne and Tracy got the opportunity to do Karen instead, 150 wall balls for time. Here's the numbers for the back extensions and 500 meter rows:


Jason owned it with Carrie M. hot on his heels. Then there's Teddy and Carrie R. that missed Barbara yesterday so met her today. Here's what Carrie had to say:

Here's something for your blog!  Barbara has hurt the princess!   100
kipping pull ups.  OUCH!  


And then she sends me an email asking about class on Friday!

Hope everyone is playing with Zen Planner.

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  1. Buffy

    Hey Ron, Did you switch the calendar on the zen planner? The dates have disappeared and I didn’t think there was class on Friday? Just wondering…….

  2. Actually, the calendar that the link takes you to is wrong, but if you log in from there you’ll see the right one. The company is supposed to fix the issue.