It’s been awhile since I posted here so I have random things to talk about:

First is how greatful Penny and I are for our coaches at CFCV. We have been in business now for 6 years and had tremendous support from the past and especially present coaching staff. As you all know we spent a good amount of time away from the gym the past month or so and what is especially exciting is we did it without concern for the business or members’ well being in our absence. This is a huge development and is truly appreciated!

The next item is the upcoming Barbells for Boobs fundraiser that is approaching fast. We will be doing the Grace workout on October 19th at 10:00am. Just as in the past we encourage all members, their families and friends to come and support the cause by doing the WOD and just hanging out for food and other reindeer games. We will have a clinic starting at 9:00 for those unfamiliar with the movements and of course we will scale the movements so that we have a safe and fun experience. And considering how this is actually a fundraiser, please encourage friends and family to go to our page on the Barbells for Boobs website and donate in our name @ We had a blast last year and there were several folks that had never touched a barbell before who completed Grace.

It surely is nice seeing all the folks return that we lost due summer activities. We also have had a few folks “come over” from the Bootcamps and they are progressing well.

The Facebook Page and Group are an integral part of my communication with our members. The page doesn’t have much traffic but the group is the cornerstone of my effort. I screen lots of articles, posts and the like and the informative and interesting ones I share in the group. You will notice that I sometimes post conflicting views on subjects as well as some articles that present the negative aspects of CrossFit as some other folks see them. Just because I post and article on the Group doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with the contents although they often support the concepts I have been taught and believe in. It is up to you to read the articles and critically consider the information then ask yourself if it resonates with you and the way we practice them at CFCV.

Incidentally, the CFCV Facebook Group is a closed Group and all members are encouraged to join it. It is one of the perks of CFCV membership as I see it. To join find the Group on Facebook at: and ask to join the Group. One of the coaches will add you if appropriate.

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  1. Ken Pieschke

    Thanks to you Ron, Penny and all the great trainers at CFCV. It’s an awesome joint! Proud to be part of it