This Stuff Works!


This Stuff Works!

Somewhere among these posts the story of my journey lies.I'm not sure when I revealed the reason I started CrossFit but it was based on a sh**** physical after doing the typical weightlifting/cardio routine for a lifetime.

The good news is that those sh**** physicals are now a thing of the past. Friday I repeated my annual FD physical which among other things includes a stress EKG and pulmonary function test. I have not gotten the blood work results but my PFT increased 12 points since last year. For those of you that have blown in the tube, you know what that means. I also went 14.8 mets which is deep into level 5 of the treadmill test and never reached my target heart rate before they stopped the test due to interference due to the running speed. Bottom line is I never even pushed myself from a cardio respiratory stand point. I'm not saying it was easy but I had much more in the tank.

Today was my daughter Amy's wedding. It was a nice affair and I am proud that she is happy.

Tomorrow starts a new era at CFCV. First of all I guess we have an agreement with the landlord about Dick next door, we'll see how it goes. Second we are going to Sacramento to pick up some long awaited bonded carpet. It will allow us to go forward with rolls, handstands and other fun gymnastics type movements in the future.

Tomorrow's post will include an update of the training calender as well as a blurb on CF Kids.

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  1. Jared

    Congrats Ron on your improvements. That is great news!
    I like the new tumbling carpet. The box is really coming along nicely.
    See you next week!