The Thanksgiving Holiday


The Thanksgiving Holiday

To celebrate the holiday, we had extended family over for an early dinner.

Friday and Saturday were duty days at the fire station and proved to be pretty strenuous in the workout department. At station 1 we had a Providence workout following the kettlebell workout outlined on Anthony Diluglio’s DVD of the same name. His website Art of has an interesting forum and a great e-newsletter full of kettlebell workouts, discussion and information. On this day, Sky, Nikki, Becky B, Plum and I toiled through the turkey equilizer that is Providence.

The Saturday workout consisted of yet another "300" style kettlebell workout also found on the Art of Strength forum. It is the second hopefully in a series posted by John Culotta featuring:

Ok, since we all had fun with the last one, I’m going to do another 300 style challenge workout. As usual, use a bell appropriate for you and stop if you need to! Your goal will be to improve your time over several workouts. This one will be more of an strength endurance workout in lieu of brut strength. We will use some bodyweight movements along with KB work. You must complete the required reps for each exercise beofre moving on the next one. If you need to stop and rest in the middle of the set , that’s OK. Pick it up where you left off after you’re ready. Also, in exercises where you use 2 hands, your goal is to do the required reps with one had first, THEN switch off to the other hand (i.e. 25 high pulls left, THEN do 25 high pulls right) While this is a time test, it should be done with focus on quality reps. Don’t just blast through without getting quality reps! OK, here we go:

1. TGU’s – 5 each side (total of 10 reps)

2. High Pulls – 50 reps (do an equal amount with each hand)

3. Sumo Squats – 50 reps

4. Hindu pushups – 25 reps

5. Cleans – 50 reps (equal amount with both hands)

6. Snatches – 50 reps (equal amount both hands)

7. Russian twists – 25 reps

8. Swings – 25 reps (alternating hands)

9. Burpees – 15 reps

The TGU’s at the start should provide some pre-exhaustion to the delts, making the rest of the cycle more challenging.  Come back and post your time. If you can get through this in under 15 minutes….move up in bell size!

Good luck

The above is a copy of his post from the site.

Anyway, Matt and I both used 12 and 16 kg KB’s due to this being the first time we performed the workout. Matt’s time was 20:30 ish and mine was 17:30 ish. The ish’s are indicative of using regular watches instead of timers. Next time we’ll go a little heavier and extend the time and pain a little.

Again thanks to John and Art Of Strength for the workout.

Today was sport day and I practiced my motocross skills and endurance at the Old Timer’s sponsored pratice at Fernley motocross track. These sessions give me a good measure of my fitness and endurance level, I just wish the cajones would drop.

Off for 3 more days would love to train someone at CFCV!!