The Next Challenge


The Next Challenge

Nutrition challenge that is, starts 9/10/2012.

The rules are as follows:

Each person will pay $30.00 into the "pot". Depending on participation we will either have an overall winner who takes the pot or a female and male winner who will split the pot.

Food logs are required for each day. The challenge begins on 9/10 and ends with measurements etc on 10/12.

There will be 3 teams. We will use the Lean Out App to record food logs and metrics including before and after pictures. Team leaders will be Nicolette, Rachael and I. If Adrienne Weintz is so inclined I will figure out a way for her to also comment on food logs. The team leader will add each participant review food logs and be the go to person leading each team. It is up to participants to pick which team they want to be on.

The only criteria for the food logs is that they be completed. Review is to help the participant make the best food choices. The eating strategy is up to the participant with a minimum standard of Paleo (there are suggestions for vegans even). Some participants may use the Whole 30 plan which is perfectly fine, in fact encouraged.

Each participant will have their before and after pictures taken, be weighed, measured for body circumferences and skinfold measurements will be taken to assess fat percentage. The criteria for determining a winner will be a ranking of each criteria and the average standing of the ranking.

As in past challenges we will announce the winner at a pot luck barbecue at the gym on 10/13.

If you have questions please ask.

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