The New CFCV


The New CFCV

Really the same OL place but with a new schedule, Monday thru Friday with weekends as rest days. The class times are the same but there are two more significant changes, more instructors in Shalene and Claudia and the air conditioner that was installed in the wall.

Didn’t post on Saturday but Claudia, Shalene and I did a deck of cards workout. I switched up the exercises as is reflected here and the only addition was burpees for the jokers:Dsc01363

Today started with squat work with Shalene and her torn up hands. Then Janeen, Sarah and April did the level one workout. Janeen did the additional round of squats which was added after Sarah and April were done. April was back for her first workout post vacation, my condolences.

At 4:00, Rachel tried CFCV for her first time along side Dan. Then it was Seth, Caleb and Claudia. Seth and Caleb repeated Fran for the first time in 8 weeks. They increased the thruster weight by 20 lbs to 75 and Caleb did all the pullups strict. Their times were 10:41 for Seth and 10:49 for Caleb. Great effort!!!.

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