The February edition of the on-ramp is moving full steam ahead, We have 5 folks; Ryan, Lisa, Troy, Tracey and Patrick in this month's class. We started with wod#1 last night in addition to knocking out the lion's share of their assessments.

I've been able to download the film from the Oly meet from my camera to Youtube but it is still just raw footage. I had to make 3 renditions which I will clean up when I can. Once completed I will provide links.

The schedule for February is up on the blog (right hand pane). Again, thanks to the girls for stepping up and filling classes. There are a few days with short coverage and due to economics and other considerations what you see is as accurate as it's going to get. We will have printed schedules available later today.

Below is a pic of Tami over the bar in a pull up with a weight vest. She's come a long way!


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  1. Mark

    What the hell Tami??? I don’t see you for a couple of months and you’re not only doing pull-ups now……….but weighted pull-ups???
    Freakin’ sweet!