The CrossFit Games Open (sectionals)


The CrossFit Games Open (sectionals)

As I have been threatening to do, here are my comments on the Open.

First of all I think the idea was brilliant from a business standpoint as well  as a logistics one. Figure $10.00 X 26,000 plus the $20.00 per team entry fees adds up quickly. Sure, the biggest expense was the shitty leaderboard followed by the videos but both will be reused and in the end proved to be done pretty well. The leaderboard was the source of much frustration in the beginning but became a useful tool 7 weeks later, but I still am unable to get one stat which is at the heart of this summation, the total number of original entries in each category including the team competition.

Below is the grid that was posted on our whiteboard during the competition followed by our final standings:


From my perspective we did pretty well considering the amount of original competitors and just who we were competing against. The last column is the supposed starting numbers that were able to be gleaned from the leaderboard. Of course I sent an e-mail question to CrossFit games looking for the official starting numbers to which they replied I could get them by counting the stats from the leaderboard> what they failed to understand was I was looking for how many started not finished.

As a team in our region the finishing number isn't quite as impressive without knowing there were 130- 160 ish teams that started. We were also competing with teams of individuals that wound up in the top 30 in the world. It's hard to compete with 20-30 college kids that are on a single team-just saying. I also think there were 1200 or so worldwide teams that started, can't remember for sure.

The workouts were fun and unfortunately designed around movements that quite a few of us at CFCV were ill prepared. For that I am to blame, mostly. Over the past year my focus has been trying to get our athletes stronger. This philosophy was largely on track because many of the movements require a good foundation of strength to be accomplished. Where we got burned was twofold, we hadn't prepared long enough and there wasn't a test of strength where we could shine. We have some pretty damn strong guys and gals!

Judging is certainly suspect in my book. I copied a link earlier that discussed one athlete's perspective as a competitor against several of the athletes throughout the year and his frustrations. As a team or as individuals did that keep us from regionals? I doubt it in all cases but maybe Mark and Andrew but maybe I'm wrong.

The bottom line as I mentioned before is that I'm damn proud of all our athletes, those that finished and those that came up short. I have mixed emotions whether it was a good thing. Quite a few of us were humbled but maybe we needed it. It sure made for some frustrated athletes and that is the rub with me. That's certainly not the fault of CrossFit or anyone else but a result that I hope doesn't set folks back.

I was going to comment on the Fittest of the Sierra in this post but will save it for next.