The CrossFit Games Open Plan


The CrossFit Games Open Plan

It has been announced that the Open will begin the first week of March. I figure that CFCV has quite a few athletes that can do well in the Open this go around, so I am formulating a plan.

The plan includes following some if not the majority of OPT programming for preparation. James is testing athletes for the next 2 weeks so we will participate in the process which includes doing the workouts and reporting the results directly to James. He will be using the results to build the programming for a 12 week cycle. This works out perfect for our schedule and needs so we will play as long as things are working for us. That would be the collective us…..

We will be having a CFCV team meeting Friday night Dec 7th @ 7:00 for all those that will be competing in the Open this year. By competing I mean that are somewhat serious about their results and want to train for those results between now and March. As I explained Saturday everyone will be doing the Open workouts but we will scale them for individual's abilities. We will also have separate workouts for those not wishing to train for the Open when appropriate.

On another note, we will having the CFCV Christmas party @ Jethro's 12/23 @ 4:30. Dinner will be $20.00 per person and includes BBQ chicken & ribs, coleslaw and beans with salad. Are those beans Paleo? Please note that all are invited.

We will be announcing a couple of exciting projects very soon. The first is Evolution Nutrition which is a program that provides meal plans, shopping lists, grocery lists and a ton of other info. based on your individual goals. This is a custom program for each member and will have an associated cost, depending on how many tools you want to use. It will be available to campers as well.

The other project is an incentive program. Much like the S&H or Blue Chip stamp programs, if any of you are old enough to remember those. We will award stamps or coupons or something for members that refer fiends or family and they sign up, pr's, and other fun stuff. It's in the discussion stage now so if you have suggestions or comments let me know.

That's all I've got for now…