The Big Day


The Big Day

Tomorrow's the big day for CFCV! The reporter I mentioned earlier in the week is scheduled to be in the house at 1:00. Her plans are tentatively to watch the 1:00 workout and talk to some of you, and also take some pictures. It would be very cool to have a large showing especially folks of all levels to show and tell their story.

The reporter then plans to participate in the 2:15 workout. Should be a great experience for all.

Saturday early, a few folks were in and learned how the progressions of shoulder press to push press work and the why. Then they did some overhead squats followed by overhead walking lunges with a bar or other implement. Oh yeah and it all started and ended with either a 400m run or 500m row. The times were:


And then we all did the same workout at station 1 in the evening. We didn't keep track of the times due to the amount of people but there was no lack of competition.

Hope to see ya'll tomorrow.

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