for your support during 2010. Now that the new year is upon us what are your goals? I'm not a resolutionist per say but I like to set goals to work towards on a regular basis. The last couple I have failed miserably at (the most recent challenge and significant improvement in running) so I will include them as a part of going to the next level.

That level is to become an OPT CCP coach. This is something I've wanted to complete since OPT announced it a year or so ago but I didn't know if I was ready or could afford it. Still have my concerns but have committed to do what it takes to accomplish the goal. It also is important to note that once again Penny has supported me in this decision. I have registered for the first OPT CCP module this coming weekend at CrossFit Invictus in San Diego.

I am excited and nervous at the prospects. What do I hope to gain? I think I have been somewhat effective at coaching our members at CFCV towards reaching their goals, but know there is huge room for improvement. OPT's program will provide the tools needed for me to take my coaching, programming, knowledge and business skills to the next level. And for our members, I am investing in delivering the very best experience and value to you. This program will be a long road but just like our workouts, I will adapt and overcome.

So now I ask you, what is your commitment? The holidays are over, you've worked hard for the past year, are you ready for the next level?

For info on OPT's CCP program go here

7 Responses

  1. Nicolette

    I am so ready for the next level! CFCV has been life changing for me! It’s been 1 year since i joined this wonderful family of hard working guys and gals, and i look forward to many more! Thank you Ron for your commitment to all of us!

  2. Nicolette

    p.s. A huge Thank you to Penny also! Triple P I could not have done it without you and your never ending supply of tissue!!! 🙂

  3. Adrienne

    I am excited for a new level…not sure what that will be for me? Perhaps lean out and get a dead hang pull up. A muscle up and handstand push up would be cool. I am not so excited about running, but I will give it a try. Thanks for all you do Ron and Penny.

  4. kelly

    I know its hard to believe but I do want to do better this year. once I get my neck in order look out world i’m going to kick you butt. Ron thanks for you patience with me and my injuries. Penny thank you for being supportive of the gym any just being you. your the best. girls lets rock the new year.. or and the guys also

  5. Ron Haskins

    Nicolette-thanks for the comment and congrats on one year! You are absolutely right we do have the best family in the world! Your hard work and dedication (and that of all CFCV family) is what keeps me going in this journey.

  6. Ron Haskins

    Adrienne-thanks for the comment and we all have much growing to accomplish. New challenges and new doors opening.