Thanks Ya’ll


Thanks Ya’ll

Its cool stuff to see this many comments, especially those in support of a difficult situation. Thank you, we have a great community at CFCV. With that said, as I alluded to yesterday the scheduling thing is going to be difficult. I know some are already discouraged at the inconsistency and unfortunately we're taking a step back into the past to working with my FD schedule for the most part. Claudia is unable to cover classes for a spell beginning next week and after that only on Saturdays. BUT THERE IS A PLAN!!. I still am committed to having a consistent schedule and trust me, we will make it happen. I can't say any more than this but, hang in there and it will be worth it.

Cherie finished her foundations sessions today and will be joining regular classes beginning tomorrow. There are a few others showing interest and we'll see where that goes.

We're in the market for a graphic artist to design a new CFCV logo. The old one was cool but not cool enough. I'm thinking a sweaty gladiator type with skulls and stuff, just kidding. Anyway, I did change our mission statement from the CrossFit standard of Forging Elite Fitness to Performance Training for Life. It seems no matter how hard I train I just can't make it to elite status. Maybe its the amount of birthdays? Whatever, but I think the new new statement reflects the majority of what we do. We have a few elites as guaged by the CrossFit Games, but for the most part I think we're just trying to improve our lives.

So far there are no sign ups for the 6am tomorrow and unless I hear from someone soon, I don't plan to get up that early. I did twice earlier in the week only to not have anyone show. Good showing today, especially Nicole and her 8:58 or so Randy with 51lbs. If you don't know, ask.

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