Thanks for the Input


Thanks for the Input

Caleb and Seth, I appreciate your input and will do what I can to make the changes you suggest.

For what it's worth:

I too enjoyed the the 5 day schedule, and maybe we can return to it when things stabilize.

I look forward to Caleb's or anyone else's ideas on how to assure visitors and newbies understand who's in charge. I see two layers to the issue and I will be discussing this further with Caleb or anyone else with ideas. I can foresee pictures on the wall of the instructors although I really don't like that idea for some reason, and ya'll wear CFCV T-shirts so that idea is kinda obscure. One thing that really turns me off is the "personal trainer" t-shirts or the like. See, I have to wear a uniform at work and to be honest I think too many people are into the false sense of self worth a uniform and badge bring. That said, I'm open to your ideas.

Another comment I received concerned the wisdom of moving into another larger space. The idea scares me, but I don't see a way around it based on further growth. To do the things I want, we need more space (gymnastics, CrossFit Kids, future certs, Oly lifting). The space we are moving to is affordable now and we may not be able to find affordable space in the future. So, let's take a chance, what could happen?

After 24 hrs and 60 views of the blog I guess that is the extent of the responses to the questionnaire. So be it and we'll work on making things better, as always.

Today's workout was a suck fest! Here's the results:


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  1. Kendall

    A little behind on commenting here but…..
    For me…CVCF is something that I look forward to. I leave everytime feeling like I kicked my own ass. Half my battle is the mental part (I can’t do it vs. yes I can) I am getting that from CVCF because I can see my constant improvment even in small areas. I never leave feeling “defeated” because there is always something to feel good about. For that reason, I love coming. I am excited to come. It is good energy that I miss when I don’t get it.
    Would I prefer the old schedule…..YES but I can make it work because I enjoy it so much. I know that the scheduling will be sorted out as soon as possible.
    My only two suggestions to what could be done different/better is first an early morning class. I know you have considered it and have heard that in the past. I know of a couple potential new crossfitters if there was an early class available but I understand the fire department schedule.
    The second thing….ask for help!! For those of us that that love crossfit and take it as serious as possible (I know I am still a newbie but am committed)…..we want CFCV to be successful too. I think many of us would be happy to help!!! If you need extra hands, ideas, etc…just shout!! 🙂
    Ron..I think your dedication to CFCV is amazing. It is clear how much to take some of this to heart….it shows and I personally thank you very much. This is the first time in my life that I have felt excited about an excersise program and I really enjoy the group of people that I get to do it with!