For the input in response to my request for feedback last week. There were some very nice things said both in comments on the blog and in e-mails, I appreciate them. I also appreciate the honesty in some of the other comments and will do what I can to incorporate your wishes.

I don't know if everyone is on board with the cancellation of Zen Planner as I still get calls and e-mails about it. It has been canceled as it really didn't add much value to our business model. I am sure it works well for businesses that don't change schedules like we do.

Speaking of schedule changes, one of the things I have been talking about for a long time is 5 days a week. for adult classes. It appears that with the current volume of membership and an increase in rates for New members we should be able to make that schedule happen. What is cool is not only will it be a standard 5 days but it will give the opportunity to have special events on weekends to enhance skills and movements. I also hope to bring some great folks in to do some training for us. This all would not be possible without Claudia's willingness to cover classes. Thanks Claudia!!

The 411 on rate increases is that the monthly rate for new members will be $125.00 and $50.00 for CF Kids. There will be discounts for fire and leo as well as family rates. These rates become effective for new members June 1st. The changes will be reflected on the CFCV website shortly. All current members will stay at their current rate as long as their membership stays "active". There are a few members that have not been around for a few months, some will be considered on the active list and some won't. If there's any question, ask and we'll discuss it. Just so everyone knows, if you haven't attended for 4-6 weeks and I don't hear from you you go into the inactive section.

Enough of that, the schedule for June will be posted on the blog (training calender) as soon as Claudia and I can discuss it.

The closing days of last week were alot of fun. Fun is defined as lifting heavy shit from the ground to overhead, from the ground to waist height and practicing gymnastics skills. Og and tgu's and other kettlebell and bodyweight movements are loads of fun as well.

Crossfit 038

Then there was the Lopez wedding. Congrats Kelly and Danny. The CFCV girls looked gorgeous, the ones in the wedding and those in attendance. Here's a shot of Kelly doing…….you guessed a burpee!!!


See ya'll tomorrow!!

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  1. Lola

    alrighty now. I heard about this burpee but didnt get to see it! I want to know is did Kelly do this burpee before she celebrated alittle to much or after? hmmmm!