Today we held the second Friends and Family Free Sunday Workout at CFCV. I want to thank Kara for pushing me to do this. I had considered it in the past but mistakenly believed that due to the offer of a free introductory session, that would handle any interested parties. Once again, my short sightedness.

I also want to thank current members: Kara, Kelly L. Adrienne, Buffy, Carrie, Jayde, Whitey, Lola, Jared, and Cary for supporting us and not only spreading the word but coming and coaching their partners through the workout. We are grateful to have members as committed as you.

I also want to thank: Dani, Andrew, Jenny, Kathleen, Patricia, Teresa, Kelly, Jesse, Jenny and Jody for taking the time to come check us out and for having the open mindedness to work so hard on movements that may go against your prior conceptions.

Here are some pics from the event:










Today was the most people we have ever had in the gym for a single workout. I think it went pretty well and to those that didn't think it was challenging enough or technical enough all I can say is standby.

You will notice that the training calendar has been updated. We have resurrected the Kids program, thanks to those that are interested. Notice that on some dates we will have both Kids and the on ramp sessions at the same time. Nicole will be handling the on ramp on those dates and I the Kids classes.

The first on ramp program begins on December 8th. It goes the month of Dec. and is 12 sessions long. This is the same program developed by CrossFit Norcal and is being implemented by many CrossFit affiliates. Prior to this we had the foundations program but it just didn't prepare folks adequately for integration into regular classes. I believe that people will be better prepared in the movements as well as the intensity with the on ramp program.

Carrie has created a Facebook group for CFCV. We will be co-administrators and we'll see where it goes.

Finally I want to thank Nicole for hanging with us. She has put forth a tremendous effort to become certified and work towards being an effective trainer. And its probably not that easy to work with me at times and I acknowledge that.

You will also notice on the schedule there are a couple of classes that Cary will be covering. He has a background in training college athletes and will cover classes that I have other commitments for, like getting hearing aids that are effective in the gym environment. You don't know how cool it would be to be able to hear ya'll. I guess I should be careful for what I wish for?

Buffy, I know your heart hurts and for that I am sorry!

3 Responses

  1. Stacey

    Looks like you all had a great time today! Sorry I had to miss the party 🙂 I’ll echo the thanks to Nicole. She does an awesome job, and I know a lot of us really appreciate those afternoon sessions.

  2. Nicole Gesselman

    It was a fun time on sunday. I think many peeps had a good workout. Thanks Stacey you are such a sweetie. Yah Ron u are a grouchy and hard to deal with. LOL. I enjoy helpin you out its fun. Im gald u are doing the free classes. People seem to like them and get a feel for xfit. Good Idea Kara.