Penny and I returned Friday from our excellent vacation. Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Cali on the Harley was a great cruise. A little over 2300 miles in a week with only a minor problem with the bike. Thanks messers Harley and Davidson.

And thank you to Nicole, Carrie and Rachael for handling classes in our absence. You guys did a great job, as I knew you would!

Also thanks to Nicole, Rachael, Jim and anyone else that helped with the pull up system painting. It looks so much better.

And thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, cards, gifts and of course the video on the blog. Ya'll rock!

Of course thanks to all our members for putting up with the schedule and alternating trainers-although I think it's good to get input from others periodically.

While we were away CFCV added at least one new member and had some visitors on the "Buddy Days". I'd like to welcome Jim to the box and I know Mark will appreciate the competition. On our return we had Sherry and Rob as visitors on Saturday and I think they'll be back a couple of times this week. They are from Mass. and Sherry visited once before about 1 1/2 years ago.

The schedule will be posted later today if I can get it figured out with Carrie and Nicole. We plan on having an on-ramp starting on Thursday of this week as long as there is interest. I'm also considering starting the barbell club on Thursday. Any input?

This is what greeted us at the gym Friday night:

2010-07-31 08.28.48

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  1. Claudia

    I am also interested in the Barbell Club but I will not be back until Wednesday, August 11th…so I will find out about it when I get back. Glad to hear you guys had a great vacation!