Tabata This


Tabata This

Didn't have a chance to comment yesterday how nice it was to have Rachael back at CFCV. She adds alot of fun to our workouts.

This morning we started at 0dark 30 with Jackie, Jenny and Matt. This was the first 6:00 workout for the girls and I was wondering if it was going to work for them. Since they have started at CFCV they haven't put a bench mark workout on the board so I thought it appropriate to start with a 5k row. I think it turned out to be a little more difficult than they expected but they did well. Meanwhile Matt worked the Chief from our workout yesterday.

The latter workouts were the Tabata this workout which is always a good one. Here's how we fared:

Today was also day 50 of the burpee challenge. Half way there!!

And the highlight was the CrossFit Kids class. It's very cool to see how hard they work and how much they enjoy it. A couple of pics:


CrossFit Leapfrog:


Tomorrow the Rapids return and maybe we'll throw some bells.

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