Tabata Soup


Tabata Soup

Tabata intervals were the order of the day. For level one participants, they were ininitially given three mandatory rounds of air squats, jumping pullups and box jumps. That's a total of 12 minutes of interval rounds.

Level II's were given 6 different exercises with the same mandatory ones and a list of other moves to choose from. Barb, Sarah and Mike H. started the day off with the three rounds. After their workout was over I added another round for the balance of level 1 workouts.

At 2:00, Lindsey, Nicole, Shalene and I started our soup and Lindsey and Nicole decided to go the entire 6 rounds to complete the level II workout. Impressive.

Then at 4:00 Janeen, Jared, April, and Dan (April's husband) went their distance. Janeen decided to do 6 rounds and Jared did 5 or so. Newcomer Dan completed the warmup and did a few rounds of Tabata. Not sure how many he really completed but he put forth a good effort.

AT 5:00, Claudia led her first workout consisting of Caleb Seth and herself. Things went well and they all pushed hard as usual.