Tabata Madness


Tabata Madness

Returning from the MMA extravaganza in Reno Saturday night and the subsequent stay in in the big city for the night and lion’s share of Sunday, I figured we all needed a Tabata workout. So it was for Shalene and I  early this morning. I had originally named the workout Tabata fun but changed the name to Tabata Hell when we got done. It looks like this:Dsc01275

That would be one Tabata cycle (8 rounds) per exercise. True smoker!

Upon our finishing this feat, Peggy was in for her regular workout. Peggy pushes hard and I think she’s seeing the results she was looking for.

At 1:00, Mike H., April, Tiffany, Barb and Sarah were in for their workout which was a scaled version of the morning effort. This one ended up with the Tabata Fun moniker and consisted of:Dsc01276

Then a cool thing happened at 4:00. Tanya who is visiting from San Diego came by with local friend Nicole and worked out with Jared and Janeen on the level I workout. Tanya and Nicole did 2 cycles (squats and jumping pullups) while Jared and Janeen did the full Monte.

Of course the 5:00ers, Seth, Caleb and Caudia did the Level II workout which is depicted here:Dsc01279

Caleb’s jumping pullups and Claudia’s 35 lb thrusters

Dsc01280 Claudia and the KB swing and Seth on the box jumps


Caleb’s 65 lb thrusters

I would be terribly remiss if I did not mention the fight gone bad workout we did on Saturday before the trip to Reno. Here are the numbers:

Caleb as rx’d 213 reps unknown increase from last FGB

Claudia 45# SDHP & Push Press, 12lb wall ball 243 reps increase of 5 reps.

Me as rx’d 237 reps increase of 4 reps.