We had a blast at the Friends/Family free Sunday workout. Good to see everyone one there and working hard. The workout was a modified fight gone bad with the established mebers doing 1 minute of each movement followed by their newbie or visitor partner doing 30 seconds of the same movement. Then it was on to the movement. This went on for 3 rounds and I have to believe everyone got their share of the action.


Following the workout we had the Paleo Christmas Pot Luck. There were several excellent dishes, Norcal Margaritas and excellent company. It was very cool to have everyone gather as friends and enjoy each other's company. Maybe next year it will be better to change venues then you won't have to watch CrossFit Games videos. In retrospect I rekon the videos wasn't one of my brighter ideas. Some pics of the set up before the festivities:



I wish to thank everyone who made it to the party and especially thank everyone for the great card and gift certificate. The things that were said in that card are what makes this whole venture worthwhile, that and watching all of us grow from the experience. I've said it before this has been a humbling experience for sure.

Shifting gears, today's workout was a good one. All who showed did what you do best, work your butts off:


We followed it up with the 8th of the on ramp sessions. We have split the times up to be a little more flexible for those that have challenges but I am stoked at the results. We have several in the program that are gonna be firebreathers down the road and they're all pushing it hard. We also ran the Kids class simultaneously with the on ramp:


One last reminder: If no one is signed up on the sheets and I don't hear from anyone an hour or so before a scheduled class time, there probably won't be a trainer there. Even though no one was signed up for the 2:30 class today I made arrangements for Nicole to come in and cover the class because often no one physically signs up but shows up any ways. This scenario costs $$$ and more importantly Nicole has other things to do. Fair warning!

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    It was so fun to see everyone out of there workout clothes and looking pretty!!! I had a blast at the pot luck. It was yummy and good drinks chief!!! It was nice to get everyone together it was a good crowd! The free workout turned out great, I think this one kicked butt. Peeps were looking red in the faces. Good turnout!!