Sunday February 6th


Sunday February 6th

Happy super bowl for those of you that are into it!

I wanted to post the results of the challenge and the scoring specifics for those of you who are wondering as well as some general comments I have:

Download Winter 2010 challenge results




This scoring process is consistent with how CrossFit Invictus scored their challenge. It is a rank basis as opposed to total points. It also took into consideration how someone improved from the first wod to the second and a rank was assigned. Pictures did not come into the equation as there are still a few that haven't taken their after photos. Once again, congrats to Carrie and Wayne.

As for my thoughts on the challenge, I think the timing was not good. I had hoped the challenge would overcome the lure of the holiday season but of course I fell victim as well as others. I had hoped that as we moved along more folks would sign on but I learned from that as well. If we do it again, everyone will be paid up front with pics done on day 1 and we roll from there.

My input on food logs is that it seems lots of folks have keyed on paleo = gluten free. There's lots more to it than that. Remember that its not just the inflammation of the gut we're concerned with, its insulin resistance as well. I say as well but its equally if not more important in my mind. This is an observation not just on our challenge but on the paleo movement as a whole as I see it.

As most of you know, Penny and I will be heading to Florida so I can attend the OPT program design module next week. We'll be gone for a week and Rachael, Carrie and Nicole will be covering classes. Be sure to check the schedule as there have been some changes.

As crazy as it seems, I will also be attending the next module in March titled lifestyle coaching. It is the only offering in 2011 so Penny insisted Iget it done. After that there are two more modules for the completion of the program. Not sure on the timing that I will have to finish up.

Thank you to everyone who have endured the assessments. I know they will be key in providing you with a better level of service from CFCV.