Sunday October 17th


Sunday October 17th

It was definitely fun returning to the oly lifts on Saturday's class. The ribs are almost healed and I felt pretty good. Though we do elements of the lifts on a regular basis as well as progressions, I figured it was time to actually do the snatch and clean. There were only 3 signed up but six showed and for some it was new doing the complete movements. I'm hoping everyone dug it and I have a feeling the trend will continue on Saturdays.

Penny and I escaped to Reno following the session for an overnighter only to return to the finished painting job. The new color is kind of weird but it sure looks alot nicer.

I also believe Dick moved his office to the other end of the building. Might make for some better classes.

Over the weekend I also finished reading/studying Primal Body/Primal Mind. More excellent info. collaborating the hunter gatherer diet. Add watching King Corn and a night on the town = CONFUSION. Next on the agenda is the book Omnivore's dilemma. Now that I have a clearer picture of supplements I should have a better shot at our challenge which begins on November 1st.

I'll be out of the gym quite a bit this week with an extra shift Friday at the FD and Wed, Thurs rotation but I'm sure the ladies will work ya!


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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    Im starting to think they are scared of the ladies!!!!! We will diffently rock you….. Im really looking forward to the challenge. Racheal and I were talking and I think she has a wonderful great idea…. Courious to hear on your supplements and how they will work better.