Sunday Oct. 23rd


Sunday Oct. 23rd

Been a while since I posted but been super busy. Here are pics of the efforts, doesn't leave much time for anything but sleeping:


For those of you that are wondering, yes we do have a tv. It is used for training videos such as flip video of you lifts, youtube videos as well as Every Second Counts.

Our Barbells for Boobs event is this Saturday the 29th. I was hoping to attract several folks from outside the gym from the FD and public but that looks unlikely at this point. Remember, this is an event for a good cause and we don't do many throughout the year, so please support this one! We will be having a pot luck following the wod and I will post a sign up sheet for dishes tomorrow.

I want to thank all our members for their support in committing to thier CFCV membership. By signing contracts and setting up auto payment options you have made us a viable business once again. The bottom line is this is a mutual relationship. With you commitment, I can commit to you.

I want to post the last few boards so folks can review them:


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  1. I love it…that DANG Jimmy and Marsh, man! Tough dudes. Maybe you guys could show up at 6 a.m. and give us some pointers?? :0
    Oh…is it too much to ask to have all the boards posted? thanks!