Sunday May 2nd


Sunday May 2nd

Pretty fun weekend. Fight gone bad for 4 on Saturday (Cindy, William, Mark and I) and then a good workout today for the Friends and Family. Pr's for Cindy, William and Mark and I decreased by 6 reps. Thanks Nicole, Kelly and Adrienne for showing up for the Friends and Family. We also had Claudia back in the gym as the sole other than regular that showed up. It was good have her around again.

Another on-ramp is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 6:30 pm but at this point we have only one firm participant. If that's all that shows we will cancel the on-ramp for this month.

Lots of good stuff occurring on other blogs hope you are keeping abreast.

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  1. Claudia

    Thanks for the shout out, it was good to be around again! I did not miss those thrusters..ugh!