Sunday March 13th


Sunday March 13th

The long awaited post is here. Just when I thought I should get back on the stick and post some info I found that my home computer has taken a dump. I do the majority of posting from the house if I can stay awake after getting home from on-ramp classes. I'm not sure the extent of the damage but, it's seriously wigging out. Hopefully it's just a key board and we can move along shortly.

I haven't been very good about recognizing folks for their accompishments on this blog like I once did and know I should but I wanted to give a shout out to Teri R. for doing her first strict pull up ever. She actually did 3, 1 chin up, 1 pull up and one chin up on the new paralell pull up handles. Congrats!

The on-ramp is moving along. We are a little crowded but we'll get it done I promise. I would appreciate it if the 5:30 folks could be aware of the loud talking/distractions during the beginning part of the on-ramp. I'm not suggesting you leave, just keep it down a little please. Thanks.

Coming up on week 1 of the CrossFit Open. Here's the plan; I would like to do the WOD on Wedesday as a group workout and of course we will scale it as needed for non-competitors. This will give everyone a chance to experience the w/o and devise their strategy. If it is the only opportunity a competitor will have to complete the WOD we'll film it and that will be their effort at least at CFCV. I would like to film every official attempt regardless of who judges it (more on judging coming). We will compile and keep all films for future reference. Judging will be accomplished by all our trainers as necessary. As mentioned the attempts will be filmed and reviewed following the attempt. If I am not present, I will review the film and approve the WOD on the website as quick as possible. If I deem the attempt void due to not meeting the criteria as published by I will do all I can to facilitate a repeat of the attempt. But please remember I have another job and your failure to do the movements correctly will not become my crisis. And I think you all know me well enough by now that I will not accept mediocre range of motion. If there's a question whether the range of motion is legit, my position is that it isn't. I will do all in my power to make this a clean, positive and fun experience. CFCV athletes are the priority and we will work with all others on a case by case basis from week to week.

This Thursday will be the first challenge to the above plan. We are heading to San Diego for another OPT installment. I am closing in on the required number of assessments for that module and would like to complete them before Thursday. I have some that are incomplete so please humor me if I pull you aside and ask to finish yours:)

Thursday we got to play in the rain with farmer's carries. At least the 2:30 got wet but the later classes just got their share of cold air:

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