Sunday June 13th


Sunday June 13th

This is probably the longest hiatus from blog input since I started this thing–sorry.

The 2 sessions of the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop were most excellent. I thank everyone who attended as well as Dallas and Melissa. It was not only informative but hopefully a life changing event for some. As I explained to Dallas and Melissa, CFCV seems to be stepchildren of CrossFit. So, it was cool to have them here and the fact that they have been ex-communicated is amazing to me.

I am asking for input from the CFCV members on the starting of another nutrition challenge, or whatever. Melissa's point of her dislike of challenges is taken but what do you want to do? Challenge, Whole 30, buy in pay out, pics, no pics? Let me know your thoughts and I'll let you know mine.

The day of their last workshop Penny and I left for a Club Coach certification with USAW in socal. Today was the end of the course and I guess I am one now. It was a great learning experience and the opportunity to be schooled and coached by Pat Cullen-Carroll, his son Nick and Dan McDermott was amazing. I am still processing the information and will be for a long, long time, but I learned heaps. I intend to makke some changes but need a couple of days to figure it all out. The one thing I know for sure is that the barbell club I have been promising will come to fruition and I intend for it to be USAW sponsored so we can have local meets be they amongst our own members or opened up to other gyms in the area. Again, your input is requested in what you would like to see. I am also planning on training my grandsons in weightlifting, one for soccer and one for football over the summer. I guess the sky's the limit and if you've got a teen that's interested I'd be glad, no honored to include them.

Watching Jillian what a bitch, how does she get to be on TV? Not that I want to be but what's up with that? Drill instructor trainers are obnoxious and humiliating don'tcha think?

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  1. err…I hope to see a bunch of people from CrossFit Carson Valley there. 🙂 You can see I’ve been inviting lots of CrossFitters so it should be a great time.