Sunday January 16th


Sunday January 16th

We didn't have anyone from the outside sign up to do the Big Dawg workout and the rx'd version is beyond most of our athlete's abilities. I noticed in comments on the Big Dawg blog that there are folks scaling but that is not the intent of the challenge. We will do the workout this coming week scaled as necessary for all, just for the fun of it.

The OPT CCP Assessment module was an absolutely mind blowing experience. I learned so much about truly assessing members and as you can tell we're applying those concepts already. Two members have had their assessments completed (Dennis & Tami), except for the work capacity screen. There are quite a few signed up that are interested in completing the assessment. The assessment will take about an hour and I am planning on doing them between classes until they are complete. Please see me about scheduling time. Another option is to complete it during class while others are doing the class but it's going to be tough to coach class and complete the assessment properly. This is not the best scenario.

The asessments are between the member and CFCV coaches and will not be made public. The purpose is to identify Member's goals, areas for focus in training and capabilities regarding movement patterns. All of this information becomes important in programming and scaling for individulas. I can give specific examples but that is beyond the scope of this blog entry.

What do we do when imbalances are identified? As hinted to above, the workout is scaled for the individual as well as discussing movements that can be done during the cool down phase of the workout to improve those imbalances.

Enter the next OPT module. It was very clear  from the Asessment module that the Program Design module (next in the series) was a high priority. I do have some ideas of how to scale and work on some simple imbalances but from the time I left San Diego figuring out how to attend the Program Design module became an issue for me. OPT delivers these programs in the United States only during the fall/winter months. The next class is in Florida which is the last one this season.

Bottom line is I was successful at convincing the FD that this is an important module that applies to our efforts in that program as well. By making some huge commitments I was able to secure partial funding from them to attend the Program Design module in Florida next month. This is a huge development for us all in the future of CFCV.

As we keep moving to the next level there will be changes made in the environment, workouts, warmups, cool downs, movements and all other things. I know this makes some folks uneasy and I am certainly one of those. But to not evolve is certain to not deliver the best we can. Coaching is one helluva a lot more involved than just writing shit on the board that works people. That works for awhile but we have reached past awhile.

What do you think of our current benchmark boards? Are they necessary? Would something like Beyond the Whiteboard work better? I would like to change the boards, remove some and move some equipment around to better help with flow. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Marsh

    I like the benchmark boards. I have considered signing up for Beyond the White Board-mostly because I have horrible penmanship, my book looks like the Rosetta Stone and I really have not settled on a pen that really speaks to me. I prefer medium tip pen as opposed to a fine tip pen. YMMV