Sunday Feb. 7th


Sunday Feb. 7th

Fun weekend at CFCV. Yesterday it was fight gone bad day and Denny really rocked it. Actually everyone did. Those that didn't go up in reps did it as rx'd for the first time.

Today was another Friends/Family free workout. Dani, Scott, Bobby, Cindy, Helen and Katie came with their friends and there were several "regulars" in as well. Perfect pre-Superbowl workout, at least I thought so!

I've been thinking about doing the Spring Leaning Challenge discussion and pictures next Saturday after the workout. Let me know what you think. The challenge will cost $30.00 per person and all money will go to the winner(s). I'm thinking we'll just do an overall winner unless there are enough guys that participate. Later in the week I'll post all the rules etc. If we do the discussion next Saturday then the official beginning date will be the following Sat. We will go for 7 weeks to assure that results are seen.

Tomorrow is the first On-ramp class for February. I have decided to do a 10:30 class in addition to the 6:30pm version. If you know someone that can't make the evening time then 10:30 would be the alternative. Due to other gym commitments this will be the only other time slot that will work.

I am in the process of updating the website banner and look as well as trying to get the blog updated. This means I may screw something up in the process so if things don't look right on your end let me know.

In winding up for the challenge I ran across this article. Melissa Urban also  had a good review of Robb Wolf's seminar last weekend here.

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  1. Stacey

    That was a great WOD today, and all the newbies really stuck with it— great job!! Melissa’s review of Robb’s seminar really encapsulated the information and the spirit of the event. Everyone should hear Robb speak– he’s funny and sooo intelligent. Not preachy, just really informative. Sure makes sticking with Paleo a lot easier. Loved it!!

  2. Rachael

    I spotted our own STACEY (in the yellow)!!!
    I will just say that I am so excited to learn how have better nutrition. Thank you for going to these seminars and coming back with soo much more info. I’m so stoked for this challenge, not to just lose weight but to eat better (hopefully) for life!!!