Sunday December 27th


Sunday December 27th

The 12 days of Christmas workout on Saturday was well attended. All were challenged and Kara performed it for the second time in 2 days. I think it was a good send off for Cary who leaves tomorrow for a new life in Houston via Indiana. I learned alot by having at CFCV for the last 5 months or so and he will be missed.

The Schedule:

I have posted the schedule for January via the calendar in the right side bar as usual. I made the following changes so please note:

  • I have removed the 7:00 and 12:00 times. This doesn't mean I won't have classes at that time but they will be specially planned classes that must be arranged ahead of time. If interest is expressed in the future these times will again become part of the regular schedule.
  • The CrossFit Kids time has been changed to 5:30. This change is to better facilitate winter schedules for families and to help with space needs for the on ramp classes.
  • The Sunday Friends/Family free workout is actually on Sunday instead of Saturday as I posted earlier.

On the 29th we will be doing a special workout to recognize two children who lost their lives to SMA. Info on the malady can be found here.

Another reminder that we will again be starting the burpee challenge on Jan 1st.

Again, a new On Ramp program starts on January 4th.

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