With the 90's arrival I guess it's summertime in northern Nevada. There are other clues as well, namely a decrease in attendance at various class times. Having been down this path, I'm not going to alter the schedule any but I may not have some days covered due to the expense of having a trainer there. This will be the exception not the rule. Having said that, remember Penny and I will be vacationing  a good part of the month of July.

First item of business on this entry is the on-ramp class for July. The June class will be done this week and as yet there is only one person that I know of that is interested for July. There needs to be at least 3 folks committed (paid for) by the end of this week for me to schedule a July on-ramp. To pull this off, we will need to use Nicole, Carrie and Rachael ans I'm unsure of their availability. So, if there are people interested it's time to plan it or pass it by.

The next item is the challenge. I believe this one will be quite a bit more lax in some respects and a little tougher in others. I know that some of you started with the Whole30 right after the workshop and that's great, hope it's going well. The intent of this challenge is to incorporate the Whole30 with a 6 week proof's in the pudding follow up component. The details are;

  • There will be no money collected/awarded for this challenge. It would be nice as some folks enjoy the added motivation but frankly we're behind the power curve now and collecting money is a pain in the a$$.
  • Before and after pictures will be taken of anyone who wants them done. Obviously you can't win the competition part of the challenge unless there are objective changes in look as well as feel and perform. There will be prizes for the most drastic or improved changes, what they will be we'll work on in the meantime with no promises made.
  • Weekly food logs will be required to be considered in the actual challenge competition. These food logs need to include everything that crosses your lips for the entire challenge.There will be some that follow the challenge that don't wish to participate in some of the parts of it such as the pics or food logs and that's OK but they will not be eligible to win.
  • The Yahoo group has been reinstated. The link on the blog is active and all prior members have access. New folks will have to send me their e-mail so I can send a Yahoo invitation. I have expanded the group to allow outsiders and will leave it that way so others can see what we're up to. At the first hint of abuses by outsiders their access will be denied all together. The group is where all food logs and discussion needs to happen but of course participants can e-mail me as well. For those that don't want to post their food logs I will review them in person as time permits.
  • The thought behind having both the Whole30 and a 6 week follow up challenge is to be righteous for the first 30 days and follow the Whole30 to a "t" and introduce reasonable sustainable changes in the 6 weeks following. Then to measure the results by how we look, feel and perform. Over a 10 week time frame I am hoping we can make sustainable life changing nutrition patterns.

This past weekend we had a friends and family free workout. We had 6 regulars and two visitors. Among the visitors were Adrienne's husband Jody and Nicolle's husband Matt. I think all got their money's worth and Matt is eager to start the on-ramp in July. Lets help him out and find a few more folks to accompany him.

Penny and I also used the gift certificate to La Ferme that the members of CFCV so graciously gave us last December. Food was good, atmosphere was good and company was good, thank you. It was a perfect lead into the challenge because boy did I feel like shit all day yesterday. Bread wine, crab cakes, stuffed chicken breast and chocolate mousse all mixed up with a bottle of nice wine. Thank You!

Finally, Helen results from yesterday, congrats on several pr's:

Crossfit 001

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    I have to say I couldnt believe how good everyone did. With being how hot it was!!!U guys rocked it!!!! There were between 10 sec to a minute decrease in times!!!WOOT WOOT!!! Keep it comin Ron u rock!!!!