Substantial Improvements


Substantial Improvements

Todays workouts were all about measuring improvements. First off Shalene decreased her 5000 meter row time by 5 minutes. This is substantial considering her time went from 28 minutes to 23. Peggy increased her workout from 3 rounds to 4, rowed the entire 1000 meters without stopping and increased kettlebell weight from 8 kg to 12 kg for swings.

April completed her first 5000 meter row as did Lisa. Nicole was here for her second workout ever, made it through the warm up and followed with rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps of kettlebell swings and wall balls. Janeen increased her CrossFit Total (CFT) by 38 lbs from 247 to 285 and Jared posted his first CFT of 575.

Then Seth and Caleb increased their CFT’s by 20 and 30 lbs respectively. Caleb’s total is now 615 and Seth’s is 605.

Once again all who played saw significant increases as well as had fun (I think).