Status of the New Space


Status of the New Space

Several are wondering what the status of the new CFCV is. Well, sometimes I wonder as well. The story is the landlord has contracted with a painter to fix holes paint and whatever else needs to be done. Then we are going to clean up the floor with an acid wash and do something with the cracks. I have ordered the materials to extend the pull up bars and once that is complete we should be good to go.

The plan is to build 2 lifting platforms in front of the west windows. This entire are will have stall mats and initially be where the rolling around on the floor will take place. Eventually, as finances permit, we will be putting down gymnastics carpet on the east end of the building that should extend 42 feet towards the west. These mats will be 24 feet wide and give us ample room to do all we need in tumbling and other floor work.

The rowers and ghd's will be in the alcove on the north side next to our friendly neighbor. He is already impressed with our dodge ball game we had the other day.

Another biggy will be the remodeling of the bathroom. The prior tenant was a welding shop and the bathroom is a wreck. Penny has plans for the office area which will also serve as a place for the kids to hang out during big people workouts.

I can't wait to get in the new space and am really open to ideas how we can best utilize the space.

There are some things that everyone should also think about. One is personal training. Claudia Shalene and I have kicked the idea around a little and don't really know how its going to work but I think it important to offer the service. Other CrossFit affiliates use personal training as a vehicle to deliver special programming to people that have specific goals or needs.

I'd like to know if there's interest.